If you would like to request Rescue 3 Inc. for services at your event, download and complete our request form here. You can send it back to us at rsque3@gmail.com or snail mail it to PO Box 990, Lucerne Valley, CA 92356

Please use this logo on your event flier.

To save this logo to your files, click on the photo above this text. In the pop up window, click on the down arrow in the upper left. You will be downloading the .png so the background will be transparent.

Map Info

Please e-mail Rescue 3 a GPS file of your event. We prefer to have GBD and MPS (Garmin) files with waypoints and tracks. The tracks should be no more than 500 points. The .kml file that you send to the BLM in order to obtain your permit is also adequate for Rescue 3.  We need to have this info 1 month in advance of your event.  Rescue 3 will automatically generate maps from this data, and all Rescue 3 personnel will arrive with this data loaded in their GPS units. At any time your event course(s) change, Rescue 3 will need updated GPS info ASAP. Please send us a courtesy e-mail letting us know of the changes. Thank you!


email: rsque3@gmail.com
PO Box 990
Lucerne Valley, CA 92356
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